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 Setting AutoCAD by project, optimizing the drawing production, and mastering the deliveries.


The DWG Production Control

Gestaff 2015 is compatible with Windows releases XP, VISTA and SEVEN.

Platforms 32 bits and 64 bits.

Gestaff 2015 runs under AutoCAD from release 2010 to release 2015.

Bilingual French / English



Setting the AutoCAD environment

Quality controls

Gestaff 2015 automatically configures the working environment of AutoCAD based on the data input of each project they own together in a common classification scheme configurable (Windows Tree folder)

This is the assurance of inheriting common resources, specific to each project: Frames, templates, chart layers, pen tables, plot files, fonts, line types and blocks. Configuration with ArmaCAD, SoftLine and CablOA softwares.


Gestaff 2015checks the internal structure of dwg files. All styles, tables, layers, fonts, xref, block are analyzed.

DWG files are subject to automatic quality checks to verify their compliance with respect to internal  chart-CAD or imposed by the client.

Quality controls are fully customizable. Records are stored in dedicated folders and can be viewed at any time

It is possible to prohibit the delivery of drawings with non-conformities.

Manage deliverables

Gestaff 2015creating the automatic version of official drawing

The status of document between a Draft and Delivery document can be done only after a set of constraints that are all customizable.

Such as:

Form document of quality control approved

Checking official file name from the drawing list (Excel spreadsheet)

Checking for a delivery list of drawings

Checking the project title block conformity

Checking the external references pathses

After these controls, automation is also customizable and can relate to:

Automatic filling of title blocks

Translations in any language (Unicode)

The management of external references

Insert electronic signatures by document

The protection of the issued drawings (Write-protected)

The archive of previous issues

Traceability of issuing stored in the internal structure of the DWG file



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