Latest News

January 2023:
Release of ArmaCAD V13.0 compatible with AutoCAD 2023 and Bricscad V23.

New floating license system.

January 2022:
Release of ArmaCAD V12.4 compatible with AutoCAD 2022 and Bricscad V22.

September 2021:
Compatibility with BS8666-2020.

September 2020:

Release of ArmaCAD V12.3 compatible with AutoCAD 2021.

November 2019:

ArmaCAD V12.2 is now compatible with Bricscad 20.

October 2019:

Release of Softline V10.1:

Many new switch and crossing possibilities.

August 2019:

OTP is 25 years old!

On this occasion, our new website is now online!

January 2019:

Release of ArmaCAD V12.2 compatible with AutoCAD 2019.

May 2018:

Softline V10 is now compatible with Bricscad 18.

March 2018:

New major version Softline V10: 2D and 3D Earthworks.

February 2018:

ArmaCAD V12.1 is now compatible with Bricscad 18.

September 2017:

New major version Softline V9: Digital moxkup of the tracks in DWG format.

June 2017:

Release of ArmaCAD V12.1 compatible AutoCAD 2018

May 2017:

ArmaCAD is now compatible with Bricscad 17.

January 2017:

New major version ArmaCAD V12 compatible with AutoCAD 2017 and Bricscad 16.

June 2016:

Release of Softline V8.1 compatible AutoCAD 2017.

March 2016:

Windows 10 compatibility for ArmaCAD and Softline.